An exhibition re-imagining our relationship to fashion, textile design, and computational technology as an interactive media.




  • Check out video feature by Edlab, Teachers College, Columbia University.

    How can technology and fashion inform one another to help us better understand our world? Wearable Media presents Future Textile Library, an exhibition that explores the intersection of fashion, e-textile design, and computational technology. On view are innovative sartorial works that showcase the potential of smart apparel and reimagine the body’s relationship to fashion and technology as an interactive media. Premiering at Future Textile Library is AudRey, a garment that combines augmented reality, 3D printing technology, and analysis from Instagram to reveal the wearer’s digital “aura.” Also on view is Project Reefstone, a garment that reflects global warming’s effects on coral reefs through fabric panels laser-cut according to global temperature index, and Ceres, a jumpsuit that vibrates based on the frequency and distance of near-Earth asteroids.

    Future Textile Library was exhibted on October 21–December 22, 2017, at EdLab, Teacher’s College at Columbia University. This exhibition has been created in collaboration with Jean Chandler at Womanufacture, and with HEISEL, a design lab for 3D-printed textiles.

    Research, Concepting, Exhibition Design, Sketching, User Flow, Rapid Prototype, Textile Prototype, Iteration, Sewing, Fabrication, CNC

    Coin Cell Batteries, LEDs, Photocells, CdS cells (Cadmium-Sulfide), light-dependent resistors (LDR), and photoresistors, Vuforia

    Neoprene, Snap Button, Linen, Synthetic Blend Textile, Wood, iPad

  • ROLE:
    Creative Direction, Concept, Research, Fabrication

    Yuchen Zhang, Jingwen Zhu